1. Yoga is the ultimate stress reliever.

Practising Yoga is a proven Calm Stress Reliever. It goes without saying that anxiety, fear, come hand in hand with our current day living problems. Everyone around you complains that They have so much to do! No time! Exhausted!

“But is this really the way you want to live your rest of your life?”
The cumulative effects on us of prolonged stress and poor lifestyle, leads to adrenal fatigue disorders, nervous and immune system and in a lot of cases Burnout and much more. So the next time you feel these symptoms creeping in on you. Take off your shoes, is time for an infinite namaste break. Yoga is a proven calm provider lowering your blood pressure and it can also help with anxiety and depression.

2. Yoga is not a destination, it’s a good workout.

Practising Yoga is better than a workout in the gym. Although we aren’t, of course, anti this kind of fitness training quite the opposite but Yoga kicks the gym on every level.
Often people ask what else do I do to workout other than Yoga? Well, the answer is Nothing!
Yoga is everything your body needs to function at it’s absolute best! Why workout at the gym, working each part of your body separately when you can connect all the dots and do it all at once YOGA!
No equipment needed. No amounts of weights are going to make your arms as strong as holding up your own body, strengthen muscles.
If you ask us which we prefer, we choose Yoga. Saves money, make you feel great and helps you lose weight!
It’s Simple, Sweet and Timeless and just like to practise itself.

3. Harnessing the true power of the mind.

Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”
It will not only help you exercise your body but also your mind. Your mind is the most beautiful gift you have been given, and it needs to be taken care of. Our Yogi’s will educate you on how you can use the power of your mind to reduce restlessness and irritability and increase calm.
You cannot always control what happens on the outside, but you can control what happens on the inside.
By regularly doing Yoga, you are increasing the blood flow to your brain, boosting your brains function and giving yourself the power to ward off debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s because of the positive impact Yoga has on memory and intelligence.
The next time you find yourself struggling to concentrate, or having trouble remembering a memory try Yoga, Infinity House Retreat is the perfect place for you to start to become more in tuned with yourself, with the guidance of our Yogi’s you have the ability to harness the power of your mind, and change your life.

4. Yoga for Every Body.

Yoga does not discriminate, it is suitable for every age, race and body type.
Specific methods can be used to act as an antidote for a huge range of common problems. Neck, Back and knee pains are something that affect the large majority of people. Yoga will allow you to become more flexible and improve your respiration. It will help to heighten your cardio and circulatory health, giving you more energy and vitality.
Our bodies are tired and overworked, but how can we release this?
It is so important to be able to connect with your body, to find out what it wants and what it needs. Yoga is a practise that will enable you to do just that, on a deeper, more spiritual level. By doing so you are teaching yourself not only how to be healthier, but how to be happier.
Aches pains and ailments can start to take a toll on our life if we don’t actively do something to try and change that. Visit Infinity House Retreat to begin your Yoga journey now, to take back control of your body and banish pain for good.

Listen to your body. It’s smarter than you.