Wellness in the Workplace

Infinity House Retreat: Wellness in the Workplace

“The global epidemic of unwellness at work – costing the world’s economy 10-15% in economic output – is fuelling a $43 billion workplace wellness market”.(The Global Wellness Institute, 2015)

Success is measured in achievements, teams are driven to meet targets, pressured to produce, deliver, and distribute. Striving to achieve is unfortunately not without consequence – exhaustion isn’t a ‘maybe’, it’s a ‘when’.

How much free (me) time do you, your colleagues or employees have? I’m sure you’re reading this and smiling; thinking ‘free time is nothing more than just a fantasy’. Imagine a workplace which not only allows, but encourages taking a break from reality for just 15 minutes per day to focus on your health, emotions, and life-goals to relax, reinvigorate, and recharge yourself.

Impossible? Think again – we’re in the 21st century and immersive technologies have progressed to directly address this very issue. 360° virtual reality is the solution. The technology features invaluable qualities and proven abilities to positively influence a healthier and happier workforce.

Infinity House – Wellness in the workplace is the world’s first virtual reality workplace wellness resource. The unrivalled platform provides organisations with immersive experiences, interactive tools, and productivity related programming.

The mobile application encompases a broad spectrum of topics within Mind, Body, and Personal development. Guided meditation, motivation, breathing exercises, and holistic programming aims to positively empower employees towards a better well being; mentally and physically in a completely intimate environment without fear of judgement.

The digital platform contains endless opportunities for customization to meet your organisation’s needs and wants, including interactive features and tools, such as: virtual meeting facilities and access to an expansive library of corporate training & development resources.

Allow your team to escape and relax in our Infinity House 360 VR relaxation pods.

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