Members Life Stories

Infinity House Retreat introduces our members studios, a platform for members to share their motivational and inspirational stories, experiences and cutting edge stories.

Our Members Studio is geared towards positivity, inspirations and everything Mind, Body and Spirit related. We are giving our members the opportunity to upload their stories to our app as a platform for their voice. Stories will be uploaded to all Infinity House Retreat platforms including, our app, our blog, Facebook.

Each week The Infinity House Team will pick a featured video, this video will be highlighted on our app and will receive a cash prize.

We are inviting members to submit their videos now. If you would like to submit a video to our Members Studio, please check our requirements list below, and send your video as a WeTransfer link to

For Regular contributors of news stories, we are offering an exclusive Infinity House Retreat production pack. In some cases supplying 360° cameras.

If you require assistance producing a video please do not hesitate to contact our team by emailing and they will be happy to help.