At Infinity House Retreat, we believe there is nothing more essential than looking after the health of the mind. Here, we have made it our primary mission to provide the necessary and best resources to enable you to take the steps towards an optimal state-of-mind.

Infinity House Retreat consists of a collection of new in-depth meditation sessions from world renowned visionaries. Inspired by Infinity House Retreat we have created; a series of Infinite Meditation videos, The 5 Minute Brain Fix, and positive mantras all aimed at making meditation easier and more convenient, tailored to fit into your busy lifestyle, for anyone to destress; any time, any place.

Simply meditating for a few minutes or up to an hour a day, every day will help you towards contentment and optimal mindfulness.

The simple steps of deep breathing exercises and focusing your mind is powerful enough to give you the balance needed. The next time you feel angry, stressed or anxious, pay attention to your breathing and direct your focus to a calm and positive place. Chances are when negative emotions run high, your breaths become short and shallow. If you’re not taking deep breaths and finding the tranquility within your mind, you could be missing out on one of the simplest ways to improve your health.

So, why not start today on your 360° virtual reality meditation journey with us by becoming an Infinity House Retreat member by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Honest Guys Meditation

Infinity House Retreat is proud to announce the launch of our ground breaking 360° guided meditation experiences in collaboration with the YouTube sensation The Honest Guys.

We have developed a series of real and 3D environments, beautifully designed to immerse our members, to allow them to take 5 minutes to follow a peaceful guided meditation voiced by The Honest Guys.