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Infinity House Studio

The Infinity House Studio is an exclusive platform designed for all it’s members and contributors and independent productions, entirely to service screenings of positive programming covering all MIND, BODY, and SPIRITUAL topics for the exclusive viewing pleasure of our valued membership.

We welcome relevant contents for those of our members who wish to share their inspirational, life changing stories and professional skills.

In all medium (web-video, television, and film) shall be screened alongside 360° virtual reality releases, private exhibitions, presentations, and internal services from within the tranquil and luxurious environment.


that will change your thinking...

Recent Contributors

Abby practices Shamanism, Psychotherapy & Energy Healing.

Demi practices Metaphysical Life Coach, Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Coach Kane London’s top personal trainer, health, fitness & nutrition.

Kerry practices ThetaHealing, meditation & mindfullness.

“Infinity House Studio invites you to watch our varied videos with our experts on health and wellbeing.”

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